About the network

We’re the world’s first on-demand training and support platform for drone enthusiasts.

500Below connects drone owners in search of answers with experienced drone owners ready to help. With our mobile app, drone pilots get feature training and technical support on-the-go and earn money by sharing their drone knowledge.

No more searching blogs for answers.
No more skimming forums for solutions.
No more waiting on hold for hours.

Put your drone and drone skills to work any time with 500Below.

What we do

We are a Peer-to-Peer Network of Drone Pilots supporting Drone Pilots

Our state of the art app (launching beta soon) enables drone owners to make money with their drone skills. By collaborating with your peers, our technology empowers the drone owners to support each other in real time, 24 x 7 via phone or text messaging. 500below gives both drone enthusiasts and manufacturers the ability to earn money by partnering with our pilot network.


Being a know-it-all is a good thing.

Whether you’re a new drone owner on your way to becoming an expert, or a professional with more invested in your drones than your car, 500Below is for you….



Need something outside the 9 to 5, or extra money for that special something?

As an independent contractor with 500Below, you’ve got freedom and flexibility to support others for a fee whenever you have time. Set your own schedule, so you can be there for all of life’s most important moments.


No boss, no office, no schedule. 500Below gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose what topics you support, set your own schedule, and decide where you work.


Fly and support 500Below community and earn great money as an independent contractor.

Get paid weekly just for helping our community of Pilots out with support related to the drone you currently own. Be your own boss and get paid for supporting and advising others on your schedule.



500Below is an online platform that connects drone aviators. We eliminate bad support with an online environment that includes interactive messaging and phone calls, aviator ratings, and a community knowledge base which makes online support with 500Below a much more convenient, interactive, and attractive option for drone enthusiasts.

Yes. It is completely free to sign up on 500below and to setup your drone profile.
There are only two things 500Below aviators can do within the community network. You can get support for a fee. Or, you can give support for a fee and get paid. As you increase your training and experience, your opportunity to make money with the community will increase.
Every time you receive one training session, you can earn your money back by training two fellow aviators with one session each.
Yes. We want to make sure that you have only the best experience with your aviators on 500Below. If you are not satisfied with a training session, we’ll refund you the amount spent back to your account balance. Please visit our Contact page to submit a refund request.
To receive notification when we launch 500Below, register at https://500below.com/lp2. Once our app is available, you will be prompted to complete your personal profile and drone profile to become a 500Below aviator.
No. We will never share or make your personal information public. 500Below guarantees your privacy by securely connecting all communications with aviators through our system, always acting as a middleman between parties.
We are in the process of setting the pricing structure. Aviators who have earned an account credit will be paid weekly.
No. 500Below will not register your drone.
We are launching with an Android app in the Google Play Store and the iOS app in the Apple Store will immediately follow.
If you can’t find the answer to your questions or have any problems with your 500Below account, please open a support ticket by e-mailing contact@500below.com.

For Drone Manufacturers & Distributors

If your product rocks, but support has become overwhelming, we have a solution.

We can help your company provide the highest quality sales and support help possible. Access to our community allows you to outsource sales and tech support with pilots who actually own and operate your product. Some of the key benefits in partnering with 500Below include:

  • Enhanced initial product experience that significantly reduces returns
  • Extension of the brand engagement for retailers and manufacturers
  • Live, 24×7 pilot network providing on-demand support services
  • Marketing and sales campaign management and promotion

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