LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The largest commercial drone show in North America, InterDrone, opened today with the launch of 500below, LLC, the first peer-to-peer network of drone owners supporting drone owners. The company’s name is a reference to the FAA’s altitude ceiling of 500 feet and below for commercial drone flights.

500Below Announces Public Launch of Drone Support App


500below, the first-ever drone owners’ peer-to-peer, on demand support/training network, debuted the public version of its smartphone application today in Las Vegas at InterDrone, the largest commercial drone show in North America. (500below is in booth 1106 at the show.)

The announcement comes on the heels of the new Rule 107 taking effect as well as a successful beta test for 500below’s mobile application, which incorporated feedback from experienced drone hobbyists and commercial drone pilots – and one airline owner.

500Below App Crowd Sources Drone Support

Bill Kimberlin, the dynamic brain behind the new 500Below app, says the idea for crowdsourcing drone support “hit me like a ton of bricks.”  A serial entrepreneur, Kimberlin says that his business model is simple: “I like to find emerging markets, and figure out what the problems are – then I try to solve them before they emerge.”

500below Launches as Peer-to-Peer Support Network for Drone Operators

500below LLC has commenced operations as a peer-to-peer network of drone owners supporting other drone owners.

“Demand for drones is huge, but consumer support is awful, and new drone aviators are extremely frustrated,” says Bill Kimberlin, company founder and CEO. “After paying an average of $1,200 or more for a product up front and waiting weeks or months for it to arrive, aviators find that they can’t get anyone at the manufacturer on the phone to answer questions or help them troubleshoot problems. Reaching a live person who understands your aircraft, remote and mobile phone display combination is virtually impossible.”

500below in Necker Island

500Below Visits Richard Branson’s Necker Island and gets a bird’s eye view with a drone. This is a little taste of his paradise from above.